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Cheque Presentations

Calgary Meals on Wheels May 6, 2019 Kurt Schurer,Bill Quinney, and Tim Anderson presented our cheque to Stephanie Ralph of Meals on Wheels.
Wheels for Kids April 15, 2019 Drew Turnbull presented our cheque to Wheels for Kids.
Bill Fitzsimmons and Ed Temple March 11, 2019 Bill Fitzsimmons presented the big cheque to Ed Temple a representative from Opportunity International.
Bill Lawless, Alma Abugov, and Sue Stevenson Brown February 26, 2018 Cheque presented to Alma Abugov and Sue Stevenson Brown of "MindFuel"
Bill Fitzsimmons and Bethany Ross February 5, 2018 Cheque for $5,000 presented to Bethany Ross of "Brown Bagging for Children"

November 11/17 from Tony Knight: "I wanted to thank Calgary West, on behalf of the Atrium, for the $25,000 cheque that we received last Monday. This is huge and means so much to me personally, and to Bethany and the Atrium team. Calgary West is truly making a difference — thanks so much."

Coy Beaton and Tony Knight
Touring the Bethany Atrium

"It gave me great pleasure to present the cheque to Coy Beaton, of Bethany on Tuesday morning — at The Atrium meeting. After the meeting a few of us, including Evelyn Buckley, toured the site. I have included a couple of photos. Thanks again Calgary West. Cheers, Tony"

Evelyn Buckley
The Bethany Atrium under construction
Ben Kormos, Cindy Herzog, and Carrie Fritz July 17, 2017 Cindy Herzog has managed the bookkeeping for RCCW for a number of years. She graciously and generously requested that the $4,000 offered to her by RCCW be donated instead to the Calgary Humane Society.
PATHS June 5, 2017 The club presented Irene Carter and Dianne Gallager with a cheque for $2,500 to PATHS - Providing Avenues to Hope Society.
Jim Zackowski and Ron Jones May 1, 2017 The club presented a cheque for $5,000 to Cheryl Nandee and Jeri Sherban of Alcove Addiction Recovery for Women.
Jim Zackowski and Ron Jones April 24, 2017 Ron Jones presented a cheque for $3,000 to Jim Zackowski of Rotary Challenger Park.
Saskia Knight, CJ Wasylkiewicz, and Terry Felton March 20, 2017 Terry Felton presented a cheque for $5,000 to CJ Wasylkiewicz of the Hayati Children's Foundation (HCF).
Jennifer McCue, Jerry Rasmussen, and Terry Felton January 23, 2017 Terry Felton presented a cheque for $100,000 to Jennifer McCue and Jerry Rasmussen of Bethany for "The Atrium - a Rotary Bethany Partnership".
Leonard Gieck, Orlin McMillan, and Terry Felton January 16, 2017 Orlin McMillan and Terry Felton presented a cheque for $3,400 to Leonard Gieck of "Arms of Jesus".
Saadat Keshavjee, Sutton Garner, and Terry Felton December 16, 2016 Bill Fitzsimmons presented a cheque for $5,000 to Bethany Ross and Jessica Zutz in support of "Brown Bagging For Kids".
Saadat Keshavjee, Sutton Garner, and Terry Felton
Dec 2, 2016 Saadat Keshavjee presented a cheque for $5,000 to Sutton Garner of "I Can For Kids".
Bill Lawless and Marilyn Dyck
December 2, 2016 Bill Lawless presented a cheque for $6,500 to Marilyn Dyck of "The Doorway".
Orlin McMillan, Anil Jain, and Terry Felton
Nov 18, 2016 Dr Anil Jain accepted $5,000 from us on behalf of the Centennial Club towards X-ray equipment in an Indian Hospital.
David Marshall and Karl Herzog
Nov 18, 2016 Judy Cochran presented a cheque for $5,000 to Patty Kilgallon for the "Children's Cottage Society".
Maggie Julian, Louise Aboussafy and Dan Doherty
Nov 4, 2016 Maggie Julian, Louise Aboussafy and Dan Doherty presented a cheque on behalf of our Rotary club to Lee Tunstall, director of "Art a la Carte", in the amount of $5,000.
David Marshall and Karl Herzog
Nov 4, 2016 Judy Cochran presented a tribute and cheque for $5,000 to the "Calgary Food Bank" who were very appreciative of our past support as well as the contributions we have made in the community.
Jack McJannett and Clare Bildfell
April 29, 2016 Cheque for $2,000 presented to Jack McJannett of the "Canadian Transplant Association"
Robyn Braley, Jutta Wittmeier, and Chris Ritter
April 1, 2016 Robyn Braley and Chris Ritter presented a cheque for $15,000 to Jutta Wittmeier of "Calgary Youth Pregnancy Support"
David Marshall and Karl Herzog
February 26, 2016 David Marshall presented a cheque for $4975 to "Motive Action"
Krista Poole and Gerry Meek
January 29, 2016 Cheque presentation to Krista Poole of "CanLearn"
Bill Lawless and Rob Laird
December 18, 2015 Cheque presentation to Rob Laird of "1835 Recovery Acres"
Cha-Cha Chansiri, Arien Knight, Marlene Doherty, Tazim Asaria, and Dan Doherty
Tazim Asaria
November 20, 2015 Cheque presentation to "Polio Plus".
Karl Herzog and Jim Willson

Jim Willson presented a $500 cheque for "MotiveAction" to Karl Herzog.

Tony Knight and Deb Hymers

President Tony Knight presented Deb Hymers of "Instep" with $3,000.

Andrew Bitcom, Jan Townsend

Andrew Bitcon presented a $5000 cheque to Jan Townsend with "Hearts and Hands": They have published the first book in Mayan language for students in Guatemala.

Ben Kormos, Saskia Knight

Ben Kormos presented a $1000 cheque to Saskia Knight (in her Strawberry Shortcakes Helper costume) towards her internship at the UN in New York.

Bill Lawless, Walter Haessel

$10K presented to Walter Haessel, Rotary Club Calgary, for the "Cambodia Wash Project" ($134K)

Don Axford, Alice Morris, James Faulkner

Alice Morris and James Faulkner from the "Golden Age Club" receiving our cheque for $1500 to help better serve the seniors in our community.

Christie Johnson, Bill Lawless

Christie Johnson, Co-Founder and Project Coordinator Atsikana Pa Ulendo, "Malawi School for Girls" receiving our cheque for $5000 for building the water tower.

John Milne

John Milne, Development Officer for the Calgary Public Library receiving our cheque for $3000 for the ""It's a Crime Not to Read"" program.

Andrea Ranson, Bryden Horwood

Andrea Ranson receiving our $5,000 cheque on behalf of the "Calgary Homeless Foundation".

Barb Young, Bill Lawless

Barb Young (Calgary Downtown Rotary - International Services) contributing to the "Guatemala Project".

Mike French, Marlene Wiens

Marlene Wiens receiving our $5,000 cheque on behalf of "FANDIC", Foundation of Friends of Children with Disability Integration into the Community.

Jude Heyland

Jude Heyland receiving our $2,000 cheque on behalf of the "Development Disabilities Resource Centre".

Kristen Baydala

Kristen Baydala, "Hospice Calgary", receiving our $4,500 cheque
to purchase equipment for the Rosedale facility.

Debbie Baylin, Karl Herzog, Mike French

Debbie Baylin, Executive Director of "Art à la Carte" providing artwork for hospitalized cancer patients.

Lou Zaganelli

Lou Zaganelli, Executive Director of "Hull Homes". Our $5,000 will assist in their outdoor recreation programme.

Marie Rickard, Memory Chazeza, Christie Johnson

Memory Chazeza and Christie Johnson of "Atsikana Pa Ulendo" (or ""Girls On The Move"") school in Malawi to support the tuition of the student we sponsor.