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President: Marlene Doherty President-Elect: Linda Anderson 
Past President: Bill Fitzsimmons
Secretary: Gail Williams Treasurer: Don Edie
Directors: Judy Cochran, Gord Cox, Terry Felton, Barb Hames,
Les Morgan, Drew Turnbull
Together We Are People of Action - Building Community
March 14, 2022  Edition: 55.29 Reporter: Judy Cochran  Editor: Marlene Doherty
RCCW Hybrid Meeting
The meeting was underway at 12 noon sharp with the ringing of the bell. President Marlene opened the meeting with the respectful Land Acknowledgement that we are on Treaty 7 lands. All were asked to stand for the singing of our National Anthem. Dan Doherty introduced our one and only guest on Zoom, Denise Ropp. Denise is a potential new member. Rob Rakochey introduced the in-person guests include Art and Shirley Froehlich, guest of Bill Quinney; DG Martin Parnell, and his wife Sue; and Martin Bunting, guest of Rob Rakochey. Oh yes, Steve Rickard, guest of Marie, but that was an oops!
Garfield introduced the purpose of the Citizenship Award. It is to recognize those who engage in philanthropic work locally or internationally. They are awarded a Paul Harris fellow, the highest award a Rotary Club can bestow upon a community member. It helps bring awareness of the work the recipient has done and all the good Rotary does in the world.
District Governor, Martin Parnell introduced Art Froehlich. Art grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan. He and his wife, Shirley, engaged in philanthropic work focusing on women and young girls in agriculture by giving out scholarships to various well recognized charities.
While on a trip to South Africa, Art attended a church service in Malawi. He offered a bill for the collection plate. A young girl beside him commented, “No, you need a coin.” She explained if he gave this much money now he would not have any money left to buy food. This young girl was likely the one who was starving. Art decided then to dedicate his efforts to giving back through agricultural endeavours in the developing world. He became involved in Communities for Life, an initiative that helps build sustainable communities.
Accomplishments include establishing a gardening school located in Peru, many of the students were seeking refuge from a rebel group. To date about 400 women have graduated from the program, taking with them a toolbox of skills and knowledge to create a sustainable community for themselves. The work will continue with Art hoping to have another 450 gardens established over the next three years. The giving goes on with the women now forming cooperatives to sell their excess produce. They are now able to pay for their children’s schooling, clothing, books and provide better nutrition to their family.
“The bottom line is we have all this wonderful land operated by wonderful farmers who are going to help feed the world. We will do it better, more safely, more efficaciously than any place else in the world,” Froehlich says.
Art was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow and Certificate. He was moved to tears receiving the honor and the recognition he just received. He and his wife Shirley have done so much and now their children will continue with their parents’ philanthropic endeavours.
The next recognition was given to three Major Donors in the Club. A Major Donor Level One contributes $10,000 to $24,000 USD. David Watson accepted his award wearing the blue and yellow colours of the Ukraine flag. Marie told the club all the contributions add up so keep on giving.
Barb Hames was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow for her generous contributions to the Club. We have all received those lovely handwritten cards with the thoughtful and kind words that Barb sends out for every occasion, thinking of you, get better soon and sympathy wishes. The cards and postage are at her expense. She covers many expenditures from her own pocket to make Fun and Fellowship just that – fun all the while promoting fellowship.
Paul Harris pins were awarded to Mona Wasfy, PH +1; Don Edie, PH +1, Des de Freitas, PH +4; Holland Barry, PH +7; David Watson PH +8.
Evelyn Buckley shared her story. Her grandparents settled west of Calgary in 1805. It was a tough life as the land had to be cleared. Her grandpa died of consumption three years after the move. Her grandma was left with the land, 5 children and no skills. She farmed out most of the children, took a job working in houses to support Evelyn’s mother.
Evelyn was a skinny introverted girl who wanted to go to church. She wanted to be a nurse and go to university. Her dad told her only big shots go to university. She faced many challenges growing up including the dirty 30’s and WW II. She did get to church and she did become a nurse.
She met Clarence, who was a rancher at that time. The Buckley family did so much good in the community. Evelyn and Clarence have 4 children – 3 boys and a girl. Evelyn learned so much from her mother-in-law such as not to hang your dainties on the line for all to see but hide them in a pillowcase. Perhaps more importantly, Evelyn learned to work hard and help others. Those same values were instilled in their children.
Clarence was a Rotarian before Evelyn. Evelyn did not think she belonged but eventually became a Rotary Ann. She came to love all the Calgary West members. She things of the song, “Is That All There Is”. She knows there is more, and you can make a difference. Her motto is to help people first and foremost. She did just that through the Bethany Care Society. Helping Alzheimer and dementia patients receive more humane care. She was instrumental working with Tony Knight in building the Rotary Atrium at Riverside Bethany Care.
Clarence and Evelyn have hosted 4H students and Rotary Exchange Students. They made several trips to Guatemala to build stoves and schools. They are leaving a legacy to the next generation that their children will carry on with their giving. Evelyn received a standing ovation.
Marlene remarked Evelyn has gone above and beyond and we are lucky to have her in our Club as an honorary member! Thanks, Evelyn, for sharing your story and inspiring us.  
March Madness began with Judy Cochran, Director of Youth Services. Up coming youth programs include RYLA, RYAEC, PRYPEN and short-term exchange. Judy ran through a brief overview of each program and invites members to submit names of potential delegates. Don’t forget the 4 Way Test Competition coming up at next week’s meeting.
Gord Cox, Director of Club Services, gave us an upfront look at the Club website. You can find upcoming speakers, events, volunteer opportunities, stories about what we do and our Facebook Feed. He then ran us quickly through Club Member Resources on our Club website. This is for members only so sign in thru Club Runner. There you can access the member directory, Club organization chart, meeting recordings and so much more. Gord wants all of us to help build the village. Weekly tasks include meeting room set up and tear down; looking after the editing of the Bulletin. Training is provided.
Terry Felton talked about upcoming fundraisers. The Casino for the Calgary Parks Foundation is Aug 31 and September 1. This will finalize our commitment to the Calgary Parks  Foundation for  $250,000 for the Rotary Mattamy pathway system. We are grateful to the Calgary Downtown Rotary Club for allowing us to use their license to meet our commitment.  Next year look for 4 fruit fundraisers, the Stampede Breakfast and Parade will be returning including a catered gourmet breakfast. We have lost the space we used in the past with partnering with Knoxville and may go into an L shaped area in the back alley. Tickets to go on sale soon. Steve Kuiack will champion the 2nd Annual Eclectic Online Auction looking for corporate donations. The Duck Race is looking for a major sponsor in the range of $20,000. All fundraisers need a champion – be the one.
Barb Hames, Director of Fun and Fellowship, started with the March birthdays, years of club service and anniversaries. The trip to Rosebud Theatre on March 19 is sold out. Thanks to Dan Doherty for organizing this event. March 20 meet at the Rose and Crown at 3 pm to be scared by the resident ghost(s). Upcoming activities may include playing Farkle, a dice game. Pop up coffee and chats at the Atco Blue Flame Kitchen. So glad to have the Covid restrictions lifted. Stay tuned for more!
Les Morgan, Director of Membership. The current Club membership stands at 73 members with 3 new inductees Jean Claude Munyezamu, Kathryn Kaldestad and Raju Hajela. If you haven’t already done so reach out and introduce yourself. Changes have been made in the induction protocol incorporating a more welcoming format. The membership package will include more information on the Club. Looking for better matching between the mentor and the mentee.
Bill Quinney is Club Volunteer Coordinator. He has sent out his monthly request for your volunteer hours in February. Please respond in a timely fashion. Volunteer Week starting April 24 will offer a bouquet of volunteer opportunities. One example is Calgary Reads. There are 14 events requiring 78 volunteers. Stay tuned & save Sunday May  1, 2022 for a wind-up celebration.
Steve Rickard, Chair of International Community Services, ran thru a list of potential international projects once Board approval has been granted. The projects are far reaching in what they cover and their locations. Some involve global grants and District Designated Funds. The lead club for some are Calgary West; other clubs in the District also act as lead club. Steve thanked Terry for his fundraising efforts that help support these projects.
Marlene closed with the comment that Calgary West is the best. She thanked Team 4 today for carrying out the meeting duties. Chris Ritter was awarded Building Community for his dedicated work to the Hockey Skills program. Calgary West took the C Trophy in the Rotary Curling Playoffs. Team members sweeping their way to victory include David Wartman, Bill Fitzsimmons, Terry Felton, and Kathryn Kaldestad, Rod McMahon, David Mills and Dan Doherty. Meeting adjourned at 1:11 pm with the 4 Way Test Jingle.
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The nonprofit Music Mends Minds, launched by Rotary member Carol Rosenstein, provides people with memory loss an opportunity to reconnect through song.


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