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President: Marlene Doherty President-Elect: Linda Anderson 
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Directors: Judy Cochran, Gord Cox, Terry Felton, Barb Hames,
Les Morgan, Drew Turnbull
Together We Are People of Action - Building Community
March 21, 2022  Edition: 55.30 Reporter: Debbie McMillan  Editor: Marlene Doherty
RCCW Hybrid Meeting
President Marlene Doherty called the Hybrid meeting to order at 11:58 a.m., welcoming guests, visitors and Rotarians and acknowledging the treaty 7 lands where we live, work and play.  Marlene asked all members to stand while we sang our National Anthem.
 Zoom Host, Des DeFreitas introduced Zoom guests Shelley Quinney, and Maurie and Shannon Quinney.  Drew Turnball introduced and welcomed the guests attending in person: Betty Lou Elofson; Sarah Maguire; Tara Quinney; Addison Robertson; Sarah Gyryluk; Lidya Asefa and Jacqueline Devasahayam.
Marlene introduced Judy Cochran, our Director of Youth Services at Calgary West, and the MC of our 4-Way Test Competition.
Judy Cochran welcomed everyone, announcing that contestants will be introduced individually.  Judy welcomed Sarah Maguire, the contestants’ teacher and Vice Principal, Betty Lou Elofson, both from Bishop Carroll High School. 
Judy began today’s presentation of our 4 Way Test Competition by thanking Natalija Reljic, Chair of the Competition, for her hours of work making the program happen, as well as club members who sponsored our guests’ lunches. Judy offered some background on the competition:
“This year, we conclude every meeting with a “jingle” of the 4 Way Test that was musically arranged specifically for our club. Although not officially part of the 4Way Test, with artistic leeway, the jingle includes “If you pay it forward it will be returned.” The competition has allowed the students to incorporate this into their presentation.
We all know how meaningful the 4 Way Test is for us as Rotarians. One of the tools we use to implement projects, address conflicts, solve problems and make decisions.  The Four-Way Test of the things we think, say or do is a test used by Rotarians world-wide as a moral code for personal and business projects and relationships. The test can be applied to almost any aspect of life.  It can help us be more successful in reaching mutually beneficial and sustainable solutions.
For the presentation the students were asked: What resonates with you? How and why does the 4 Way Test apply to you? Use only one or two of the four components of the Test.
Presentations are limited to 3 minutes in length and open to students Grade 10 – Grade 12. Today we will have some videos and some live presentations.”
There are cash prizes: 1st Place - $500, 2nd Place - $300 & 3rd Place - $200
Today’s judges include Judy Cochran, Dan Doherty, Saadat Keshavjee, Les Morgan and Gail Williams
For picking the top 3 presentations and awarding the prize money our judges will use the following criteria:
1.Originality/uniqueness of presentation
2. Delivery appeal of presentation
3. Depth of understanding of the 4-way test (include pay it forward)
4. How the 4 way test resonates (share one or two examples of how it applies to your real-life situation)
5. Overall impression
Judy introduced our first contestant, Tara Quinney, a Grade 10 Student from Chestermere, highlighting her hockey passion, school and volunteer activities.  Tara, presenting from the podium, applied the 4-way test to Social Media and why involvement and use of social media, especially for children and teenagers does not pass the 4-Way Test.
Judy thanked Tara for her great job and then introduced Addison Robertson, a Grade 11 Student at Bishop Carroll, highlighting her dance, school and volunteer activities.  Addison had prepared a video of her presentation, which Gord shared.  Addison’s presentation revealed how she had “Paid it forward” through participation in a Festival Youth Project, and continues using the principles of the 4-way test through the universal language of “Kindness.”
Judy then thanked Addison, and introduced Sarah Gyryluk, a Grade 10 Student from Bishop Carroll, highlighting her volunteer experiences, as well as her music and sports accomplishments.  Sarah also had prepared a video, which Gord shared.  Sarah believes that we all need to feel a “sense of belonging in the world” and showed how she was paying it forward with leadership using the example of how she had been mentored in a drama production, and now was mentoring others.  She also showed how giving and receiving kindness passes the 4-way test.
Marking the halfway mark of the presentations Judy commended all the students on their engaging presentations, going above and beyond expectations.  Judy thanked Sarah, and then introduced Lidya Asefa and Sanaa, who did a joint video presentation.  Sanaa was unable to attend today.  Lidya is a Grade 12 Student at Bishop Carrol.  Judy shared Lidya’s volunteer initiatives and noted that Lidya had recently been awarded the Bissett scholarship to SAIT.  Gord shared Lidya and Sanaa’s presentation, which began featuring a song written by Lidya.  Lidya and Sanaa’s presentation was about how their friendship had brought them together, as they pay it forward.
Judy called on Marina Salamh, who unfortunately was able to join us on Zoom.  Marina is a Grade 10 student at Bishop Carroll, also very involved volunteering with church, seniors and early reading support.  Marina’s video presentation included using the 4-Way test to the “removal of mask mandates”, and conflict over opposing viewpoints on continued use of masks.  Marina also shared in her video how sometimes her volunteer activities interfered with showing kindness to her friends, so as an act of paying it forward she shared her friends’ smiles over her gift of donuts to each of them.
Another great presentation and “last but not least” Judy introduced Jacqueline Devasahayam.  Jacqueline is a Grade 12 student at Bishop Carroll, who has volunteered with a number of initiatives, including Girl Guides of Canada, where she plans to continue as an Assistant Leader after graduation.  Jacqueline’s presentation included slides that Gord shared on the overhead screen, about the 4 Way Test and how it benefits our lives.  And she shared some acts of kindness, including small things like smiles that impact peoples’ lives. 
As the judges now deliberate, Judy announced that she would be back with the results shortly to announce the prize winners!
Marlene then invited David, Steve and Bill to the podium for Hotseats:
David Wartman, chair of our RCCW Indigenous Relation Circle, announced the following:
The third in the Allied Futures Webinar Series will be offered on Thursday, March 24th from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.  This week, the subject of the webinar is:  “Accomplice”.  Those who have had the opportunity to attend the first two sessions:  “Sitting in Truth” and “Allyship” will know this is an hour well spent in developing an improved understanding of the First Nations reality.  (Zoom link is the same as previous webinars.)
David will send this link and more information via email to members via Club runner.
David thanked Dan and Marlene for organizing the bus trip to Rosebud, for the production of New Blood.  What an experience!  David then announced that he had connected with Deanne, the Director of New Blood and she expressed her dream to see New Blood performed with a live symphony.  David has initiated some conversations with Arts Commons and is hoping to be presenting New Blood with a live symphony, sometime before the end of the year! New Blood will perform at Heritage Park on June 21/22.
Steve Strang refreshed memories about the Summer Exchange Program.  Eligibility is for students aged 15 to 19, that could be direct, indirect, close friends, or neighbours of our members. Please talk to possible participants. This is an exciting opportunity available during the summer months where 3 weeks would begin here in Calgary during July, encompassing the Stampede, and then 3 weeks in the partner-exchange student’s country. It’s a great opportunity for young people to begin to learn another language or culture.  Young people attending today could consider the program. Please check out our website, on the Youth page for complete details.  It would be great to have someone from our club embrace the program.
Bill Fitzsimmons began by acknowledging the incredible presentations by the young women today, stating that regardless who wins, Bill was blown away by their presentations.
Bill announced that we all had received an email regarding the Summer Festival and Duck Race.  Planning and work continues towards our new major fundraiser with the steering committee, community partner groups and our Sponsorship group all working hard to make this event happen. 
The key effort currently is to secure donations and sponsorship to cover the hard costs of the event. This is important as we cannot put the Club at risk of a financial loss.  The committee wants you to consider your connections. Do you do business with an organization that might support this event in a small or a large way? The attachment that Bill sent shows different ways that businesses could get involved. There are a wide variety of opportunities, lots of ways to get involved and participate.  The key point is the committee is asking for Rotary connections to businesses or individuals that already know Rotary.
Judy announced that the 1st Prize goes to Marina Salamh, 2nd Prize to Tara Quinney and 3rd Prize to Addison Robertson. She thanked and congratulated all the participants for their presentations and announced that they all would receive Rotary’s 4 Way Test Coins, as a reminder of their presentations, and the 4 Way Test could guide them in their future endeavours.
Judy thanked Mrs. Maguire and Mrs. Elofson and “Grandpa Bill” for all your support and guidance to the students.  And asked all the participants to stay for a photo shoot at the end of the program.  Judy thanked Gord for his audio support, Tim for the lights, and the judges for their participation.
Marlene introduced Tazim Asaria to share “Her Story.”  Tazim was born in Kampala, Uganda, then a British Colony in November 1955, the 6th child in a family of 7 children, parents who had emigrated to Uganda from India in the early 1950’s.  Tazim’s father owned a coffee farm and flour mill.    Tazim’s memories of early childhood were of a happy, stable home. In 1962 Uganda gained independence, and local merchants began boycotting British agents.  Tazim’s father joined relatives in a trucking business in the Congo, for the next 4 years.  Tazim had an interest in biology and chemistry and had dreams of becoming a medical doctor.  Life changed dramatically in 1972 when Idi Amin, the President of Uganda, announced the expulsion of British agents.  Tazim’s parents, who were British subjects, and Ugandan citizens, fled their country with her two sisters and herself.  They arrived in England and were welcomed by the Red Cross with warm coats.  They had left everything behind, arriving with only a small suitcase, but Tazim said they were met with “kindness, challenges and opportunities.”  Tazim’s dreams of becoming a medical doctor were over, but she did enrol in a nursing program. After two years, Tazim’s family immigrated to Canada and joined other members of their family.  In spring of 1975, Tazim moved to Calgary, and enrolled in the nursing program here.  She met Al, her husband who had emigrated here from Kenya, and they married in 1978.  After AHS changed to 10-12 hour shifts for nurses, it was unmanageable for a young family.  Tazim then enrolled in Early Childhood program at Mount Royal college and later managed a day-home, and finally a before and after school program for children. 
Another turning point happened for Tazim when her son, at nine years of age, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Tazim, then found a career in Real Estate that allowed her the flexibility to be with her son during treatments and work while he was home. That was 28 years ago. Her son is now working with a team of doctors, and she’s still selling real estate! 
Tazim met Saadat Keshavjee, and joined Rotary in 2015. Tazim shared her ‘Homes of Hope’ Rotary experience in Mexico with the Dohertys. Tazim is moving to the next phase of her life of being a grandmother, with her daughter expecting her grandson next month.  Tazim thanked the club for her opportunity to introduce herself!
Marlene shared a touching thank you to Tazim, sharing that her words resonate what’s going on in our world today. Marlene thanked Team 3 for their meeting duties today.  Marlene thanked the contestants for taking a big risk sharing their values, talking about kindness, the importance of a smile, and using our 4 way test to make sound decisions.  She let the contestants know that as of July 1st, Jennifer Jones will be the first woman President in Rotary in over 100 years.  She said that each one of the contestants is a strong leader and she wished them continued success. She thanked our judges, Judy as MC, as well as a special shout-out to Natalija. Our Building Community Award goes to the Youth Committee, Judy, Natalija, Steve, Marie, Vivian, Deb. 
Rotary Challenger Park is looking for Directors for their board. If interested let Marlene know.  David Watson is now the club liaison for Shelter Box.  Thank you to Barbie Hames for her social event at the Pub yesterday.  Marlene noted that the New Blood production at Rosebud is sensational, and if you have the opportunity you should see it.  Chief Vincent Yellow Old Woman was at the play and he spoke to us and it was powerful! 
Marlene announced that the U of C Rotary Club has a trivia night on April 1st for $5.  In support for the Ukraine our club has committed to matching donations up to $3,000.  Any donations that you’ve made through RI,  Shelter Box or Red Cross, let Don Edie know, for the matching donations.  Next week’s meeting is zoom only.
The meeting adjourned at 1:12 p.m., ending with the 4-Way Test.
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