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Khor Top spoke at our Feb 3/20 meeting.
Khor and his family have survived three generations of wars in South Sudan. He was a refugee, same as his mother and grandmother. When he was a teenager, he walked for three months to get to Kenya where he found assistance and immigrated to Canada in 2003. In 2014, he graduated from the University of Calgary.


He presently volunteers within the South Sudanese community in Calgary and abroad. He says because his people have been refugees for so long, they do not think of ways to help themselves. Education and skills training will help them develop hope.

In consultation with Steve Rickard, he established, with project champion, Vivian Jones, three student scholarships for South Sudanese refugees in Ethiopia. Calgary West Rotary funded these scholarships. Two boys and one girl were chosen. Khor also told us about a program with the Calgary Lions Club. They have funded a Homework Club for the South Sudanese Community in Calgary. Khor thanked us for our support.