As a member of Calgary West, Nketti Johnson-Taylor, is the champion for a project through the group ACED-Action for Community Empowerment and Development.

This project is using repurposed funds originally requested for the Mexico Homes of Hope Project. This is emergency intervention for those negatively impacted by COVID 19 and resulting food insecurity. The CEO of ACED, Victoria Awori, was also on the Zoom call along with Howard Awori, and Sarah from this implementing organization.

The aim of the project is to deliver necessary supplies to prevent and manage COVID. Also, they would like to reduce food security challenges for the target group.

The restriction of movement during the pandemic has negatively affected vulnerable populations. This target group consists of 40 vulnerable families in Anang Village in Aloi Sub county Alebtong District. Masks, hand-washing detergents, mosquito nets and food supply for consumption will be provided.

Seed distribution, oxen and ox ploughs will be purchased for cultivation. The agency plans to meet immediate, mid-term and long-term goals providing food security with this project.

The project has been submitted and $5,000 is approved by the International Service Committee of our club. The total project is $15,000 Canadian. Nketti was able to show us the budget with the items intended to be purchased with the funds.