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Community Kitchen Story
11 of 12 Rotary Clubs in Calgary collaborated to help Community Kitchens replace a stolen 5 -ton reefer delivery truck. Together the 11 clubs gathered funding that represented almost 30% of the total value of a replacement truck.
The following clubs: Calgary Stampede Park,, Calgary Downtown,, Calgary West,, Calgary Centennial
Calgary Heritage Park,, Calgary Chinook,, Calgary Sarcee,, Calgary Milennium,, Calgary North,, Calgary East,, Calgary Olympic all contributed funds which gave Community Kitchens the needed support to order the truck in October of 2021.  Along with an insurance payout for 25% of the new truck cost and 9 other organizations contributing funds, Community Kitchens was able to purchase the truck outright.  The truck is on the road 5-days a week picking up and delivery grocery donations with as many as three trips a day.
Over 2,000,000 lbs of food is handled by Community Kitchens this year and the most recent estimate is that they directly affect a little over 400,000 individuals who are directly affected and are Food Insecure. From loss of the delivery truck in August 2021 it has been almost 15 months in getting the truck delivered and most recently having the truck wrapped with the logos of our 11 clubs as recognition.
Short video on the Community Kitchen Truck:
Community Kitchen Interview on CTV news, including our one and only Bill Lawless
Upcoming Speakers
Dr. Clément Lanthier
Feb 06, 2023 12:00 PM
Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo
Wilder Institute/Calgary Zoo
Feb 13, 2023 12:00 PM
De Havilland Corporation
Upcoming Events
Dec 02, 2022 11:45 AM Jan 31, 2023 10:00 AM
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On Monday December 20/21 Calgary West Rotarians” kicked COVID to the curb” as they prepared baskets and boxes of items to THANK and show their appreciation to the Rockyview Seniors Health team and the Acute Geriatric Units healthcare workers.
The short-term exchange program (STEP) is a reciprocal family-to-family exchange for students between the ages of 15-19 at the time of the exchange. It offers students the opportunity to gain international understanding while becoming familiar with another culture. The exchange takes place over the summer months.
To apply:  Online Application   (Applications for the Summer 2022 Exchange Year are now open, with the caveat the exchange will only proceed if it is deemed safe to do so)
On Saturday November 19th members of several Rotary Clubs and the District Indigenous Relations Committee were given an introduction to the Siksika Nation’s history at the Blackfoot Crossing Historical Park, the site of the signing of Treaty No.7 in 1877. A guided tour of the museum provided the start of a journey of learning about the historic events and the cultural value of the site for the Siksika Nation enhanced by the rich variety of the archaeological resources that reflect the long history of Blackfoot Crossing.
-Story by Christine Rendell, Photo Karen McKee
Dear Volunteer Supporters of Field of Crosses,
For 11 days we honoured them, but we will never forget them. Thank you for the large role you played in fulfilling our commitment to our heroes who gave up their tomorrows for our today. The Field of Crosses memorial was their homecoming, our chance to call out a simple thank you and by your actions you joined the chorus.
Providing families, previously homeless, with basic household needs as they move into their new dwelling units. The Calgary West Rotary Club donated $5,000.00 towards this project.
On Monday Nov 1, 2021 The Rotary Club of Calgary West presented our Citizenship Award to Tim Fox. Calgary West Rotary members were asked to submit worthy candidates for consideration of the Rotary Club of Calgary West Citizenship Award  which would be recognized through presenting the individual with a Paul Harris Fellowship. 
Calgary Rotary West is proudly sponsoring our
Community Hockey Skills Competition Program
for Ages 11 -17, all skill levels.  This is a Free community event that can be held at your local arena during your regular ice practice time. 
Find out who is the: 
• Fastest Skater  
        • Best Puck Handler  
• Hardest Shot    
                              • Most Accurate / Passer Shooter
Short Video on Event:
For booking or more information please contact:
Chris Ritter
403 613 8060
On Thursday July 22, 2021 the Calgary West Rotary Club successfully completed our annual BC Fruit Fundraiser, previously named BC Cherries Fundraiser. 
Duncan Stanners was our lead for the 2021 BC Fruit Fundraiser (previously known as BC Cherries Fundraiser). Duncan's team of supporting volunteers consisted of the Dohertys, President Marlene, Dan, Thomas and Riley, Judy Cochran, Terry Felton, Rod McMahon, Les Morgan, Gord Cox, Bill Quinney, David Williams, Linda Anderson, Malcolm Harrison, Don Edie, Bob Acton, Robyn Braley, Joe Klassen and the Stanners Laurie and Logan.
Local pick up and delivery day was Thursday July 22, 2021 at the Grace Presbyterian Church in downtown Calgary. This year Red Haven Peaches were added to the event and were very popular, selling 96 boxes! Additionally, the Lapin Cherries were also very popular selling 105 boxes. Approximate net proceeds raised: $8000.00 yes smiley !!! Proceeds support programs and initiatives of  The Rotary Club of Calgary West.
Thanks to all of our customers for their generous support of the 2021 BC Fruit Fundraiser.

(Canada Only) is a FREE game-based learning platform for introducing the foundational skills and logic around coding!

Featuring three unique journeys appropriate for grades K-3, 4-6, and 7+ that give youth the opportunity to learn and apply coding concepts in both block and text based languages. Each journey has a final project in which youth can build a game or app using their new understanding of coding.

A large group from the Calgary West Rotary Club set out to to cleanup our designated 3 kilometer section of the north side highway #1. The group met at 9:00 AM on Saturday July 24, 2021 in the parking lot of Calaway Park and received instructions from Clarence Buckley. Clarence provided the volunteers with bright orange garbage bags and led smaller groups to assigned sections of the highway for cleanup. The cleanup completed at approximately 11:00 AM and the group got together for a bite and some fellowship at the Humpty's restaurant located at the interchange of highways #1 and #22.
During our weekly meeting on Monday August 9, 2021, Kurt Scherer, chair of Local Community Services presented a cheque from our club in the amount of $12,320 to Jean Claude at Umoja Community Mosaic. From LCS came $9,570 for a food security program and $$2,750 from youth budget for 10 notebooks. Jean Claude expressed his appreciation and acknowledged the long standing relationship his organization has with our club. He will be back in six months time to give us an update.
Move for Polio 2021 Campaign
Hey everyone, thanks for taking part in this amazing initiative to raise money for Polio eradication! Here are more details:

Our goal is to raise $100,000 for Polio Plus alongside the 30 other Rotary, Rotaract and potentially Interact clubs that are also going to be participating.

The initiative will run from July 1st to October 24th (World Polio day).

To participate in the fundraiser, you can do pledge to do anything that makes you active - be it walking, running, swimming, hiking, meditating, skateboarding, etc.
This year we're using Eventgroove, which is a fundraising platform that Rotary District 5360 has approved, to use for the Move for Polio initiative.
The most recent issue of CFS (Catholic Family Service) Newsletter cover photo is that of the Never To Late Grads taken on August 21, 2020.
Due to the pandemic, 11 students registered in the Never Too Late spring program resumed their learning online. An outdoor Graduation Ceremony was sponsored by Calgary West Rotary Club and hosted by Grace Church.
The Free Reading Program
Is free for students in need and sponsored by donors who want to help make a change. Our program provides learners in reading levels K-6 with a comprehensive online studying tool, designed to reinforce fundamental reading skills. With over 3,500 activities accessible online, our program is used by over 300,000 students in 185 countries. 


The Rotary Clubs of Calgary Sarcee, Calgary West, Chinook, and Heritage provided $48,000 to purchase a 5-ton delivery truck as a "Mobile Grocery  Store" for Fresh Routes, an initiative of the Leftovers Foundation.

For more information visit the Leftovers Foundation website at, and Fresh Routes.

On September 30, 2020 President Bill Fitzsimmons lead a group of 15 volunteers for three hours to wrap trees in Fish Creek Park to protect trees from the beavers.

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